Who we are

Founded in 2015, GAP Debt Solutions has been in the industry for four years, with our rapid growth and passion for helping fellow South Africans we’ve been able to change the lives of thousands of people.

GAP Debt Solutions is affiliated with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Our core focus is to assist South African consumers that are over-indebted and facing difficulties in handling their current finances, we provide quick and reliable solutions to allow one to get back their financial freedom.

Our Team Consists of:

Expert debt counselors, a unique and versatile administration team and well trained and professional consultants who are readily available to assist you with tailored debt solutions.

How are we different?

We empower our employees, our clients and community to achieve more. Most importantly we put our employees first making sure their taken care off & as a result, our employees take care of our clients and their communities. 

We empower our employees

By empowering our employees we aim to ensure they work well within their respective teams, deliver quality customer service with accountability for all that they do.

We empower our clients

Through the debt counseling process, we are able to empower our clients to achieve financial freedom for both themselves and their family enabling them to live less stressful lives.

We empower our community

We strongly believe that the eradication of over-indebtedness in South Africa will allow communities to reach greater heights by enabling them to be financially free.

How much have we saved our clients?

On average we save our clients 50-60% on their monthly repayments. We could do the same for you!


Simphiwe was struggling to make his repayments every month due to short-time in his place of work. His original payment was R4 975 p/m after we assisted him he is now paying only R2 487.50 p/m that’s 50% than he was originally paying.


Thobani is a 27-year old that let his debt repayments pile up to a whopping R6 930 p/m. He is now been with us for 23 months and almost has all of his debt paid off. He’s currently paying R3 257 p/m that more than 50% less than his original repayment.


Thashnie was over-indebted and was paying R9 845 p/m towards her debt repayments. She joined GAP Debt Solutions and has since reduced her repayments to R4 431 p/m that’s less than half of what she was paying originally.

Richards Bay

The mission of GAP Debt Solutions

Provide professional debt relief services by empowering both employees and clients through educating and assisting people to live a debt free lifestyle.

GAP is a community-based organisation that provides professional debt relief services by empowering both employees and clients through educating and assisting people to obtain a debt-free lifestyle for families and individuals to reach their goals and dreams through financial freedom.

Our aim will always be to put the client first, leading to a debt-free society and this will contribute to the economic upliftment of our nation.

Get started with a FREE assessment

One of our consultants will conduct a free assessment to figure out how much you could save.

All assessments are obligation free, you are in control every step of the way.


Below is an example of a clients repayments after he opted for Debt Relief.

Account Old Payment New Payment
Bond R3 500 R2 800
Vehicle R1 800 R1 350
Personal Loans and accounts R50 000 R25 000
Total Monthly Repayment R55,300 R29 150 – 47% less than before